Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big day

Price had his lumbar puncture procedure about 4 hours ago. We were able to walk him back to the operating room and Nathan held him as they administered the anesthesia. I had to leave for that part. I am not a big hospital person as is, and let's just say the OR's in China don't look quite like the ones back home. It was a little scary handing over my boy to nurses and doctors who are speaking in a foreign language and wearing what we would call "shower shoes". At least our translator assured me that I am not the first mom to be a little concerned.

The procedure took about 30 minutes and then they waited for Price to wake up before wheeling him out to us. The nurses loved him and told our translator that they were in love with his beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. They also said that he was smiling and laughing at them when he was waking up. I think to say Price loves the Chinese people, especially women, is an understatement. I think the Lord knew what He was doing when he gave us his sweet physical therapist Irene, who is Taiwanese, 2 years ago. He has definitely gone before us.

Price was groggy when we got back to the room and motioned for his bed. He has now been sleeping soundly for about 3 hours. We have 3 more to go before he can sit up, but so far so good. Thank you for praying. This boy is precious to us.
"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful." Colossians 4:2


Jill said...

We are praying! We love you Pricey, you are so brave!

cindy gatewood said...

So glad to hear a good start to
the first lumbar procedure.
I pray it continues!

Love you and miss you!

glenda said...

Great news that all went well with this procedure! Yay Pricey!!!

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