Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue skies and clues

**News on the home front is that we had quite an exciting last night. We had a security system installed and something happened in the middle of the night that caused the panic alarm to randomly go off. It is not a siren, and instead just a couple of beeps. Thinking it was just the new system acting up, I turned it off, and went back to sleep. About 10 minutes later, police were banging on my door and flashing their lights into my dining room window. I was half asleep and confused as they came in to check the place out, since I could have been under attack. I would have really appreciated that had that been the case. Next thing I know, the firetruck pulls up and they tell me the ambulance is right behind them. Too bad Street wasn't up. The fire truck would have rocked his world. Nathan's sister, who is spending the nights with us, thought one of the firemen was pretty handsome. Maybe we should get some cookies to the fire station as a thank you and see if he's single?

Now to Nathan's update...

I saw my first blue sky today since we got to China. They're not exactly into the clean air movement over here. To my point, I looked at the weather on my phone the other day and the current conditions were "smoke"... never seen that one before. But it's weird because they are very big into conserving electricity, so much so that they turn off most of the lights in the hospital at night. Makes things a little spooky but you get used to it. Another oddity of the Chinese hospital, family members of patients many times will sleep on the floor in the hallways instead of at a hotel. And here's the kicker...they make them pay to sleep on the floor!! Gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

The Chinese New Year celebration continues. I almost don't even notice all the explosions going off any more. These Chinese people love them some fireworks. Best part of the holiday so far for me and Price was the home made dumplings one of the translator's mom and grandmother sent us. Home cooking is the best even in China.

Price threw the biggest tantrum of his life last night. His little brother would have been proud. It was pretty impressive, the nurse even came to our room to see if he was okay. I told her everything was fine, except I had to say it a few times because she couldn't hear me over the screaming. Like I said, pretty impressive. (I'm not sure exactly what set him off, but it had something to do with his Blue's Clues DVD not working. It's a love/hate relationship with Blues Clues, really). So what do you do when your 3 year old is losing their mind and it's close to bedtime??? You get them in their PJ's as fast as humanly possible and get them in bed. Since he was already blowing the roof off the place and it takes 20 minutes for the water to get warm in the bathroom, I decided to skip bath time, but I did go ahead and wash his hands and brush his teeth. Let me tell you how much he loved that. By this point he was almost spent but he was still doing that involuntary sniff jerk motion in between breaths they do when their running out of steam. I stuffed a pacifier in his mouth and turned off all the lights and waited for the end to come. There was some faint moaning for a little while, but he didn't last long. I was actually kind of proud of him for putting on such a show. We said we were hoping he would do at least one new thing as a result of us coming here. Well, not exactly what we were going for, but hey, we'll take it.

Don't worry, Price was back to his usual smiley self this morning. Praise the Lord.

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cindy gatewood said...

I am loving hearing about what
is happening with him and Price.
What an adventure! I sure hope
and pray that the Blues Clues
make it to the end of the trip!
Love those two boys!


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