Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year

It's Chinese New Year's Day. It's like the 4th of July but way colder and with way more fireworks. It's one of 2 days a year anyone in the country is allowed to shoot off fireworks so they take full advantage. It's like a celebratory Shock and Awe. I now have a better understanding of what it sounds like to be in those places you see on CNN with all the explosions going off in the background behind the reporter. .

Price did great on the recovery after his most recent lumbar puncture. That's 3 down 1 to go. Everybody keeps asking if he's doing anything new, you know, like are the stem cells working. It's hard for me to say how much he's changed because the changes are probably subtle, and I've been with him every waking minute these past couple of weeks. But, that being said, his new tricks include crawling in and out of his stroller and, my favorite, he now manages to take his pants off in his bed every night. Now when I say to him. "Price, keep your pants on," I literally mean, keep your pants on.

There's a market here that would make a even the most ardent Shopaholics head spin. It's like the Galleria on steroids. And it's ridiculously cheap. Shopping is not really my thing, and it's definitely not Price's thing, but even we we've been compelled to go in there a couple times and do some damage. There's a secret store under lock and key that sells swords that a guy is supposed to help us get into so I'm looking forward to that. Our Scottish friend got a little carried away in there and ended up with a small armory. William Wallace would be proud.

There's been a lot of down time in China and I'd like to say that I've been reading lots of enlightening books, but that's just not the case. Left to my own devices, I'm much more of a movie guy. I guess I'm just like the rest of America...addicted to moving images and voices from a screen. That being the case, here's a list of my 10 favorites so far....

1. The Warrior. Awesome even for non-UFC posers.
2. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Russel Crowe sounds really cool as a British navy captain.
3. Fargo. First time to see it. A little rough but the lady that plays the pregnant sheriff was amazing.
4. Body of Lies. Seen it before a couple of times but I'm a sucker for espionage thrillers. Again, Russell Crowe is 2 legit to quit.
5. Ocean's 11, 12 & 13. All three are very entertaining. I actually like the 3rd one the best.
6. Hanna. Meh.
7. Margin Call. Pretty good but just because I like Paul Bettany and Kevin Spacey.
8. The Rise off the Planet of the Apes. Half decent.
9. Moneyball. My Ipad's video crashed about halfway through, but I was really liking it. I thought Ipads weren't supposed to crash???
10. Puncture. More technical difficulties. I started it and didn't finish it within 24 hours so it got erased off my Ipad. Thanks again, Apple. I really wanted to know the ending but I'm not forking over another $3.99 to find out.

Price's two favorite nurses, Lucy and April
Price or Darth Vader? Stimulating the vocal cords. Ellery liked this one.
Price's buddy Collin
Taking his pants off...again
Nurses and translators hosting the New Years dinner
Learning how to make dumplings
The feast


cindy gatewood said...

I would say Nathan and Price are
doing some serious male bonding!
I'm thrilled that P looks so
happy in the photos!!


Emily said...

He looks so happy!!!!!!! I am laughing out loud that he is taking his pants off. Hilarious!
"2 legit to quit" ~ hysterical

Win said...

Taking his pants off, LOVE it! That is definitely a step forward! You will have to get those jammies that zip us the back!! LOVE the picture of Price with Collin. He looks really happy. It is amazing for you both to experience the culture in China and share it with us.

ps My favorite movie this year- A beautiful life. I hadn't seen it before. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

All the best!

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