Sunday, January 8, 2012


This weekend has been full. We've been adjusting to the time change. Price has been waking up at around 2 or 3am every morning but this last night, he woke up, I gave him some melatonin, and then he went back to sleep until 5:30am. He's been falling asleep at the dinner table every night too. We will eventually get there.
Our translator took us to a supermarket type store on Saturday and it was a crazy experience. It was so crowded (a little more so than usual he said because of the weekend and the fact that Chinese New Year is approaching) and barely anything was recognizable to us. Things I had never seen before too - pig heads, feet, livers, hearts. Quite the experience, to say the least. We purchased a few things so that we can possibly cook a little while we are here. It's hard because there is some "unsafe" food and the Chinese don't regulate their food quite like the USA. We are better off just sticking to cooked or packaged food which pretty much goes against what I enjoy buying back at home. Nathan tells me to relax, and that it will do for 30 days. I have never been more thankful for the food and quality of food that we consume back home.

Today, we walked to the WalMart here. It was much easier to manage and I think Nathan will do the majority of his shopping there once I am gone. We will be doing our own laundry (old school soap and water and drying on a line) and so purchased what we needed for that, as well as some better pillows, and a bath mat. The hospital room is a little rough, but nothing that we can't handle for 30 days. Ellery is going to send some pictures to help spice up the room a bit.
Tonight, we are planning on taking a trip downtown and doing some sightseeing. It's right off the Fushan Bay, and we have heard it's beautiful.

Nathan has a new buddy, Peter, who is a translator here. He's awesome and really giving us so much insight on the Chinese culture. I'm so thankful for him and the companionship that it will hopefully bring Nathan once I'm gone. Peter loves Yao Ming, and thinks we are pretty cool being that we are from Houston.

We are anticipating Price's first treatment tomorrow. Please be in prayer for our boy. We are praying that his body accepts the stem cells well and that he has no side effects. It is so surreal that we are here, but we are thankful for the Lord's mercies and peace every step of the way. We are hopeful.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

View of Qingdao from our hospital room

Made it to Toronto

Watching Blues Clues from the airport lounge

The Lord mercies

The hospital

Look what we found!

Having a hard time adjusting

Happy boy


Megan said...

I'm so glad you (and Paige) figured out how to blog and update from China! We are constantly praying and thinking of all of you. Love seeing Pricey-boy's precious smile in your pictures. {Kristen, you guys will be back to Whole Foods in no time:)}

cindy gatewood said...

You and Nathan never cease to
amaze me! Stay strong!!

Love you,

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