Monday, May 9, 2011

Street is 7 months!

Is it 7 months already? At 7 months Street:

- is still bald

- is doing planks and scooting himself backwards

- is in constant motion

- slept the entire night for the first time as my Mother's Day gift but hasn't since

- is still swaddled at night and for naps (in his woombie)

- tries to take his diaper off while I am changing him

- likes to be anywhere the action is

- can walk around the kitchen island in his walker

- can pull the side mirrors off his jeep walker and enjoys banging them together

- has started really interacting with his bro-bro and loves to laugh at Ellery

- has no teeth but likes to chew on everything

- reaches for his mama

Noticing a trend here? Between Rager's constant motion and Price trying to navigate the stairs with his not-so-awesome balance, I am going to be one busy mama.

Pictures didn't go so well, but they capture month 7 pretty right-on.

Love my "little" mover and shaker.

{Oh, and at his 6 month appointment he was 21 pounds (93rd %), 29 inches (100th %), and his head was 95th %}


Heather said...

He is such a cutie and doesn't look big at all!! :) I hope I get to hug that sweet boy next time I see him!! Love those pictures, precious!! Happy 7 months Street!!

Paige said...

Hahaha! Busy momma indeed ;)

Katie said...

I can't believe it's been 7 months already...SLOW DOWN Street! Too cute!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, Kristen! These pics are crazy funny!! I love God's sense of humor when he gives children their personality's! I love Street and look forward to our boys growing up to be buddies!

Mara said...

It's crazy how busy boys are. I am constantly saying my 7m is so busy! That looks just like my son. They don't sit still at all. I had my daughter first and didn't even know what that belt on the changing table was used for. Now I wish I had two. My husband and I know we are going to have our hands full when he takes off crawling. Our little guy has no hair either. I secretly kind of like it because it makes him appear super young still:)))

Lyndsay said...

We loved the woombie! Elle is finally in a sleep sack at 15 months! Street is adorable and I feel you on busy babies! Elle is much busier than Walker ever was at this age!

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