Friday, May 13, 2011


*somehow this post got deleted last night. I tried my best to duplicate it! Thanks for all your sweet comments. what her daddy calls her. Ellerina Ballerina. She had her first dance recital (last year we were out of town) this past week. She takes dance at the sweetest little studio by our house with a few of her good friends. They did a tap dance to "Dance for You", and it was just darling.

her poppy (who has sat through more dance and cheerleading competitions/recitals with a smile on his face than any other man I know)
her lulu

and her bebe was present too, we just didn't get a picture...shoot

the tiny dancer

I have perfected the bun.

Ellery with two of her cute friends, Ella and Lillian

E loves to perform for us, but I thought she might get shy and clam up on stage...not a chance!

how cute is this?


Kiki said...

Do girls just know how to pose like that?! She's adorable!

cindy gatewood said...

Darling! But I thought I coined
"Ellerina Ballerina" - ha ha!!
She did so good at her first
dance recital....LOVED it.


Paige said...

ahhh she's getting so big!!:)

JWK said...

Absolutely precious!! I can't wait for P to start dance classes!!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

So cute!

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