Monday, February 23, 2009

Price's least favorite day

Today was the day! We took Price to get "casted" for his helmet. It was definitely a sad sight to see but surprisingly I held up just fine. Price screamed like I have never heard him scream before. I actually was thankful to see a little bit of feistiness in him as he is usually so calm and even-tempered. I forgot my camera so the only pictures we have are from Nathan's phone and a few that Dr. Bob took.

This is for you Katie - a great mug shot.

Isn't this pitiful?

Measurements and pictures were taken so that we could see his weekly progress in the helmet. The actual helmet should arrive in about 10 days. We are still up in the air as to how we will decorate it. It will be a permanent accessory for about 2 1/2 months so I definitely think we should do something fun!
After Price's casting appointment, we were off to his pediatrician to do a little follow-up on his head. I was a little disappointed to find out that he wants us to do an ultrasound at Texas Children's to just make sure everything checks out okay with his noggin. I am praying everything will look good, and that in the meantime I will not worry (as I tend to do)!


Tiffany said...

Sweet boy! I love his mug shot and the casting picture breaks my heart! So glad u were fine though! Praying for excellent results on his ultrasound. Love you guys!

Steve and Cristie said...

I hate that you guys are going through this tough will be something you look back on and know that God was in control! I will be praying for you guys!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Aww, poor sweet Price. I'm sorry he had to go through all of that, but alteast he won't have to do it again and the helmet will help him. I don't know how I would handle watching my child laying there like that. But Price is going to looked pimped out with his new helmet.

Allison Cattan said...

We will be praying for the results of the ultrasound.
Price is so precious. I think the Longhorn football helmet look would be perfect!!

Melanie said...

Oh Kristen! That would be tough... but his helmet is going to be so cute. I'm a little partial.. but I say Longhorn decor:)

Jill said...

He keeps getting cuter and cuter! Don't worry, he won't remember any of this! :)

Mom Janice said...

Poor baby! The things we have to do! Thinking of you constantly. Hang in there!
Love Aunt Janice

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