Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blonds, Legally and Helmeted

Just a few happenings so far this week -

Nathan and I went on our Valentine's date last night to the Hobby Center to see the musical Legally Blonde. It was so funny! As we were finding our seats, one of the ladies sitting by us asked me how I managed to drag my husband to this musical. I wasn't really sure what to say because the whole evening was his idea. I don't think Nathan knew how outnumbered he would be at the theatre! I did, however, manage to catch him laughing throughout the show. The UPS guy was my favorite - remember him and the famous "bend and snap"? We enjoyed the show and a nice dinner beforehand. It was the perfect date. We are kind of anti-Valentine's Day daters because who wants to pay a ton of money to go out to eat and fight huge crowds? We have been known to order the heart-shaped pizza from Dominoes in the past.

This week we have had a couple of doctor appointments for Price concerning his head. Consensus is that he has plagiocephaly (a fancy word for flat head) from primarily sleeping on one side. We went to Texas Children's Hospital today and were relieved to know that it is completely a cosmetic issue. So....drum roll....Price is getting his first helmet in a couple of weeks. It was a tough decision for us but ultimately we both decided that we would have wanted our parents to do the same for us if our heads looked like his. We don't want to regret not doing anything. The doctor thinks he will wear it about 2 1/2 months which in the scheme of things, is not that long. We go back in a week to get measurements taken and then will pick up the helmet the following week. I am going to get in all of the head-rubbing and kissing I can possibly do these next couple of weeks! Of course Nathan wants Price's helmet painted to look like an authentic Texas Longhorns helmet. I was hoping for airplanes or something a little less burnt orange!

We have a friend's birthday dinner tomorrow night and then we are looking forward to a weekend visit from Bebe and Pops!

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the_wells said...

price is too cute. a helmet will just make him that much cuter. really? plus - he really needs a few mug shots for his rehearsal dinner slide show.

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