Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unloading the phone...

Price is working hard as usual at therapy. He is doing PT three times a week for the month of July. He had orthotics made that fit inside his shoes that will help his feet to not be so flat when he stands. The shoes that work the best with these new orthotics happen to be Air Jordan high-tops! He is also being casted on Monday for feet/ankle casts. I am not sure what the finished product is going to look like, but trust our PT, Irene, to make the right decisions for Pricey. He will wear the casts on both feet Monday through Wednesday and then get them removed. And as I understand, the casts will then be made into orthotics to give him extra support.
Eventually, he will get the more common orthotics (called AFO's) that will go up to his calves. Irene says that if he gets these now, it could cause some muscle atrophy. I don't even like typing that word atrophy. It's a bad word in our house.
Ellery is conducting class for the boys. She gets frustrated because they both have very limited attention spans. Street has started standing all by himself for about a minute at a time. It's pretty incredible to us.
We do this many, many times a day. As soon as I want to complain about not getting anything done, I remind myself that we are thankful Price is climbing the stairs. It's pure joy to see his smile when he accomplishes his goal and reaches the top. He is getting better everyday. I just have to be by him in case of an accidental fall backwards. His balance just isn't the greatest.
Looking like daddy. Climbing the stairs with a messy face.
We visited the Children's Museum last week. This is Ellery in Mexico I think.
And a couple weeks ago, we participated in Houston Project with our church. Ellery attended a VBS while Nathan and I "worked". My job was running the snow cone stand. Not sure how that really impacted the Kingdom of God but I did love seeing and talking to the little ones who were so excited about a snow cone. Oh, and Ellery thought my job was seriously cool.

Ellery had a hard day yesterday and we were talking about our hearts. She busts out with a great analogy. She said something like - Adam and Eve had white hearts until they disobeyed God by eating an apple they were not supposed to. Their hearts then turned black. Then, Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins. His red blood washed our hearts and turns them back to white.

She had learned this from her VBS teacher during Houston Project. I love that she hid that in her little heart and was able to tell me about it a few weeks later.

Well, that's our last couple of weeks in phone pictures! I am hoping to sit down and blog more next week! Have a great weekend!

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cindy gatewood said...

I love how Ellery is guiding
Price up the stairs! And that
Street is just "tagging along"!

Sweet, sweet, sweet


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