Monday, July 18, 2011

A visit to Big D

I just got back from a mini-vacation. Street and I went to Southlake to keep my sister's little girl, Piper, while her parents went to a marriage conference at their church. It was so relaxing, and would have been close to perfect if Street would have actually slept at night. He was up every 4 hours every night eating. It felt like we had reverted back to newborn territory and I am hoping it was just the unfamiliar pack and play, and that we get back on schedule now that we are home. My mom came too, and we ventured out and explored the Southlake Town Center and even Ft. Worth! My mom spoiled the kids with some adorable new clothes that will be perfect for the fall. I loved getting to love on Piper and also loved getting to give my undivided attention to Streeter. One is a breeze! I wasn't sure what to do with myself and my free time.

Nathan took Ellery and Price to Arlington to stay with his parents at their new casa. While mom was away, they had a great time checking out places like Legoland, the Aquarium, and the Ft. Worth zoo. Ellery had Bebe doing multiple art projects and Price was busy exploring and climbing stairs at their house. Yes, he's stair climbing. There is a lot of grunting and hard work, but he manages to make it to the top! And when he reaches the top, he turns around, looks at us, and smiles so big. He's so proud of himself! This boy is not lacking in determination and perseverance, thank the Lord! Price also decided to throw his shoe out of the moving train at the zoo over the weekend. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but these brand new shoes have brand new orthotics in them. Nathan had to reach out and grab the shoe on the train ride back. Dad saved the day!

After our car ride home tonight, I have vowed not to drive to Dallas ever again until it's bedtime. Our littlest guy had a rough ride home. And that is an understatement. To give him a little credit, he did miss all of his naps today, went to a new church nursery, and was up "partying" the night before around 10:30pm.

I was able to meet up with my dear friend LeighAnne while in Southlake, and it was so much fun to get to catch up. We both have added two more kids since we last saw each other. I met Leigh on bid night in college and she has proven herself to be one of the most loving, fun, down-to-earth, and laid back girls I know. And she just happens to live about 3 minutes away from my sister. I am a little jealous!

A highlight of our trip was reuniting and attending Bebe and Pop's church, First Baptist Arlington. It was wonderful getting to meet so many of their friends and church family. I appreciate every one of you who went out of your way to make us feel welcome, help us with our "unique" childcare arrangements, and speak such kind words. Bebe always tells me that so many of her friends and fellow church members are praying for us and specifically for Price, and meeting some of you just meant the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly hope our church treats visitors the way that you do! It really made a lasting impression on me.

Our phone pics from the weekend:


Windy said...

YAY Price, how wonderful for his world to open up! Stair climbing is a huge feat! Love that you had special family time in multiple ways! As always, best wishes and blessings!

Lindsay Wagner said...

talked to leigh yesterday and she said she got to see you...i was very glad you guys got to catch up! and so impressed price is climbing the stairs...way to go, buddy!!! ;)

Matt & Leigh Anne said...

I so loved gettin to see you! I'm still giggling at some of the funny things you said! Mr. Street is a hoot, and I can't wait to meet Price and Ellery too! Love you!

Windy said...

Sorry to leave a random comment here, but I don't think you have a message me button? Anyway, does everyone tell you that you look like Pippa Middleton?

Kristen said...

Windy, what a compliment. Thank you!

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