Saturday, July 9, 2011

9 months

I remembered about 5 minutes before bedtime that we needed to take Street's 9 month pictures. Month 8 got away from me...oops. Here's what Streeter boy is up to:

At 9 months Street:
- is still very bald and toothless

- is taking 2 really good naps

- is sleeping through the night for the most part but still wakes up to nurse usually right about when my head hits the pillow

- crawls everywhere

- pulls up everywhere and started climbing the stairs

- will eat anything and I can't count the amount of times I have to swipe things out of his mouth that he picks up off the floor

- claps, still does his touchdown trick, dances, and loves to blow raspberries (especially when he hears a similar for example when E let out a little gas the other night)

- has to be pinned down to get his diaper or clothes changed

- loves to be on-the-go and literally never stops moving

- says mama, dada, baba, nana, and other amazing baby babble that blows me away

- keeps life interesting and fun and crazy all at the same time

This past month we have been amazed at the way Street and Price interact. Street will do something and Price will watch him so closely and try to imitate him when it comes to standing up or crawling. It breaks my heart a little to watch Street do something so effortlessly (like climbing the stairs...he decided to do it and he did on the first try) and then watch Price work so hard and struggle to do the exact same thing. Nathan always reminds me that Price does and will do things that Street can't and I know this, but my mama's heart still aches at times. Still, Street developing so typically is just a huge blessing and we are thankful. It has been somewhat healing for me to watch and care for him and just enjoy him.

Happy 9 months Street!


cindy gatewood said...

Happy 9 months to Street!!


Momttorney said...

We love baldness! And, while I know it is hard to watch things come so easily to one and so not-easy for another, one thing is for sure -- those boys (and their sister) are each enriching each others' lives in ways that are beyond comprehension! I LOVE that Price is learning from his younger bro, and there's no doubt Mr. Street will learn from him too.

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Happy 9 months Street!

Lyndsay said...

Happy 9 months Street! He sounds so much like Elle at that age!

Tiffany said...

Happy 9 months Street!!

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