Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have taken a long blogging break...but for good reason.

Nathan and I just got back from Beaver Creek, Colorado! We spent 5 days skiing and relaxing with good friends. It was a much needed get away without kids, but I missed them like crazy. Price actually cried when he saw me for the first time after being away. I think maybe he was giving me a hard time for leaving him. I don't think Ellery missed us one bit. She could have stayed with her Bebe/Pops/Lulu/Poppy for many more days!

Some have asked how Mr. Price is doing these days and he's as sweet as ever, but getting a bit of an attitude. He cries if you put him in his high chair without having his food ready-to-go. This boy likes to eat! He also will let me know very quickly if he's unhappy with where I set him down or if I leave the room. Sounds strange but we are welcoming all of this. I am so eager to know his likes/dislikes and what he is interested in. It's just been so hard to learn all these things because he cannot move like other kids his age and because he can't communicate with us like most kids his age. He will be starting occupational therapy soon which will be inconvenient but hopefully well worth it!

We met with a geneticist before leaving town last week and Price had lots of blood draws for the numerous tests they are running on him. I must say that this has become quite the norm for us these days. While it's hard not to worry about what these test results might bring and what that might mean for his future, I am actually doing quite well. I take comfort in the fact that the Lord has gone before us in all of this, knows his genetic make-up, and won't be surprised by the findings whether normal or abnormal. Of course, we are praying for normal and that we will look back one day on this wild ride and be amazed at how far our sweet boy has come.


Tabaitha Kaye said...

I'm so glad ya'll were able to get away for a bit. Thanks for the update on Price. Ya'll are in my prayers and you are such an encouragement.

Amanda said...

You've been on my heart a lot for the last few days. I'm so glad to have an update! Good for you and Nathan for getting away. We went to Beaver Creek one summer when I was in 10th grade and it was so gorgeous. I'm glad you had fun!

melanie said...

colorado!!! that sounds so nice. i've been thinking about price lately and praying for him. you are so right about the Lord going before you in everything, that is a great reminder.

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