Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring break recap

I was very determined to do something fun everyday of Spring Break last week. I really do enjoy having Ellery home with us and find myself a little bored when it's just Price and I. We need her constant conversation and entertainment I guess.

Monday Price had physical therapy and then we met Mariana and Audrey and lots of other new friends for lunch. It was a great lunch spot. All the moms sat outside and the kids could run around, play in the sand, and pet horses and other animals. Ellery is our animal lover and was so upset when we had to leave in order to get Price home for his nap. Her sadness didn't last long though as we drove threw Dairy Queen on the way home for blizzards. We were going to get back to the house in order to meet my friend Kathryn and her new baby, but Price woke up with a weird rash that morning and I decided we better not expose the newborn just in case.

I guess I probably shouldn't have taken him to lunch but then again, he isn't up running around and playing with all the kids. It turns out Price's rash is actually hives and he continued to have outbreaks all week. It was the weirdest thing....if something touched his skin he would break out and then it would disappear about 30 minutes later. I thought about taking him to the doctor but decided to just see what happened. I am pretty sure he has some sort of allergy but I am not too interested in taking him to an allergist to figure out what it is at this point. I am thinking maybe its pollen...have you seen all the green stuff laying around everywhere? It's everywhere at our house!

On Tuesday, the only day it rained all week, Ellery and I went to the rodeo. I had a babysitter come for Price and was excited about our "girl day". Ellery loved the rodeo again this year, minus the part where we got soaked making our trek back to the car. Because we didn't get to walk around outside and see more rodeo fun, we used the rest of our time to get a mani/pedi. I probably could have skipped the rodeo and taken her to the nail salon and she would have been perfectly happy. Too bad the very next day she was taking her nail polish off in the pool because a little bit had chipped off one nail.

Tuesday afternoon I could feel myself coming down with a cold and Wednesday morning it was all I could do to get out of bed. Nathan took the morning off from work to keep the kids and let me rest which was so nice. I had planned on taking the kids to a new bounce house place but that didn't happen. Unfortunately, I am only now starting to feel better so the rest of the week was kind of a bummer.

Thursday we did go hang out at the mall for awhile, rode a train, and searched for the Easter bunny with no success.

And on Friday we managed to get out of the house for awhile to hang out with Tiffany and her girls and see their new house. We let the kids play at Lupe's while Tiff and I caught up at dinner.

Price woke up with a fever and cold-like symptoms on Saturday so the rest of the weekend was spent inside, which was okay because I had loads of laundry to get done and the winter weather decided to re-visit us. I did manage to sneak out for a fun baby shower!

Posing (really posing) with the longhorn for daddy

And posing with the goats for Lulu


cindy gatewood said...

WOW! How did you have so much
going on, and I didn't know about
Thanks for the goat "pose", Miss


Amanda said...

I got to work Ellery's SS class yesterday during the second service. She's such a doll! What a sweet girl.

T and B Mason said...

I LOVE precious Ellery!

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