Sunday, March 7, 2010

What she's been up to

First, there was Rodeo Day at school. I am not quite sure what was going on here as her daddy was taking these pictures. Maybe some pre-rodeo stretching and warm-up?

There is always lots of time spent in the backyard on the swing set or digging in the soil. We always have about 10 plastic baggies at any given time filled with rocks and leaves, or as she calls them "fossils".

And then there was her first time on roller skates. Our old neighbor friend gave them to her last year and she wanted to give them a try. She did pretty good, falling several times, but always getting right back up.


Jason said...

I love her rodeo warm up!!

cindy gatewood said...

Skater with an attitude!


Lindsay Wagner said...

hey girl....been missing your updates AND seeing you! i LOVE that ellery calls them fossils...hysterical!

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