Monday, February 15, 2010


Ellery was invited to a wedding this past weekend! We grew up with the beautiful bride, Teresa, and her family. Her mom is so dear to me. She is such a prayer warrior for our Pricey and an encouragement to my mom. She was so sweet to include Ellery in the wedding.

So....Ellery and I went and had our nails done Saturday and my mom of course bought Ellery a new dress. She sat quietly through the ceremony and later had a zillion questions for us about all that went on. My sister was a bridesmaid and as she walked down the aisle, Ellery whispered, "I love Paige, I love Paige."
We arrived at the princess ball as Ellery described it, and she really did have a ball. She was in awe of the beautiful bride and giggled each time Teresa would talk to her or smile at her. Ellery also had some pretty good moves on the dance floor. She was not bashful at all and seemed to love the spotlight. I have some video on my phone that I will try and upload.

Congratulations Teresa and Bryan!


Tabaitha Kaye said...

Aww, how sweet!

cindy gatewood said...

What a beautiful Bride and how
sweet was that for Ellery to
get that attention?


Teresa said...

I am honored you and Ellery were able to make it! I loved getting to dance with Ellery at the "ball!" Love you & your family! Love, Teresa :)

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