Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a night

We loaded up the car yet again on Friday for Austin. We were given tickets to the George Strait concert at the new Cedar Park venue. These tickets couldn't have been any better - 2nd row, right in the middle! Nathan and I left the kids at the lake with a babysitter and caught a cab to take us to the concert so we wouldn't have to deal with directions and parking.

I think this was the best concert I have ever been to. Not only was it George, but it was George up close and personal. I am pretty positive we made eye contact at least 3 times throughout the night. I might be slightly obsessed with him now.

Nathan and I should really get out more because Friday night was quite a night. It all kicked off with a crazy cab driver who talked our ears off. He told us how his father had 35 kids and 7 wives. What? When I asked him about his wife, he told us that he had one wife as well as a baby mama. What?

While at the concert, I set my phone down on my seat for a few minutes while I stood up, and when I went back to get it, it was gone! I knew it couldn't have gone far and thought maybe it had gotten knocked off. It was no where to be found. I started panicking thinking about my contacts and calendar I had never backed up, but more importantly the pictures of my babies that were on there. As Nathan and I were looking for it all over the floor and I was feeling so rude for not giving George my undivided attention, a guy behind us and down the row a little leaned in to tell Nathan that he had seen the girl behind me grab it and put it in her purse. What? Do people really do that at George Strait concerts...the guy who sings, "I Saw God Today?" I am here to tell you - they do!

So, Nathan asks her to look in her purse and she kind of fumbles around saying she doesn't see it. I was getting ticked and thought about saying something to her, but she was quite a bit bigger than me and had definitely had a few too many to drink. To make a long story short, she knows she's about to be busted and makes some genius comment about how she feels something under the girl's seat next to me. The floor we had just checked and double-checked. We get my phone minus the battery. She had completely disassembled my phone while fumbling around in her purse. We were calling my number, so all I can think was that she didn't want us to see it light up or hear it. When we were about to leave the concert, we end up finding the battery and the back of my phone on the floor as well. She had gotten scared and left the concert early and I guess scattered the remaining parts of my phone all over the floor. What?

Thankfully, the whole phone incident didn't ruin our night and we managed to have a great time. Of course, the night ended with another 45 minute ride with our cab driver who managed to "entertain" us the whole way home.

Check out how close we were!


Lindsay Wagner said...

Crazy lady!!! So glad you got your phone back....even if it was in pieces!

jonnyd said...

That is very cool -- King George from the second row? I'm jealous. I've seen him on concert a dozen times, but never from that close. Very cool.

jeanaelizabeth said...

I'm glad you got to see my boyfriend in concert. He told me to tell you that although he was looking you in the eye, he was thinking about me. I'm sorry. It's just that we've been in love since Pure Country--that's a lot of history that can't be denied.

thesapp4 said...

Jason said that Nathan is a better man than him because he probably would have just punched the girl. I am glad it all turned out fine. What fun!

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