Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A conversation with Ellery

Ellery: "Mommy, what did you and daddy do on your date?"

Mom: "We ate dinner and talked about how much we loved you and how proud of you we are."

Ellery: "And brother? What else did you talk about? Have I ever been to the place you ate?"

Mom: "Yes, and your brother of course. You two are my favorite. Yes, you've been to the place we ate at tonight. Ruggles. Remember? We also talked about how we want to obey God in everything."

Ellery: "Let me think. Oh yes, I remember eating there with Heidi. You have to obey God just like I have to obey Him."

Mom: "That's right punky."

Ellery: "Jesus lives in our hearts. He helps us when we are sad or scared."

Mom: "He sure does."

Ellery: "Some people do not have Jesus living in their hearts. Why?"

Mom: "You are right. That's why we need to tell everyone about Him."

Ellery: (pausing to think for a bit) "Well, how does Jesus get into their hearts?"

Mom: (impressed with the logical thinking that's going on and trying to come up with the best, most age appropriate answer FAST) "Well, all they have to do is ask. They can say, "Jesus, I believe and I need your help," and He will come live in their hearts."

Ellery: "Oh. They just have to ask. Jesus lives far away. We can't drive there or fly there, right? How do we get there?"

Mom: "You are right. When Jesus calls our name, He will take us to heaven."

Ellery: "Yes, when He calls our name."

Mom: "Do you know who lives in heaven with Jesus? Nanny does."

Ellery: "I miss Nanny."

Mom: "Me too, but we will see her again."

Ellery: "Yes, we will see her and see Jesus."


thesapp4 said...

Such a familiar conversation. Children are amazing and the most important thing we can do is teach them to have faith in God. They will then help us remember that when we need it most.

cindy gatewood said...

Aw, what a sweet conversation!


jonnyd said...

Great exchange.

The other day Corissa was showing Allison something that I made and she said, "Allison, did you know that Daddy made this?"

Allison: "Daddy didn't make that... God made that... God made everything Mommy"

You can't argue with that. Oh to have faith like a child.

Amanda said...

It's so amazing to see them learn about Jesus.

Tabaitha Kaye said...

What a precious conversation! I look forward to having talks like that with Mason & Taylor as they get older.

Allison said...

so sweet!

Steve and Cristie said...

What a precious conversation!

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