Monday, April 13, 2009

Part 2 and a funny story

We got together with the extended family after lunch. It was a hard Easter especially for Papa, since it was the first one without Nanny. Hopefully having all of his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids around made it a little bit easier.
Aunt Sherry helping Ellery take a swing at the pinata. This was E's first pinata experience and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. After the pinata, they all went outside to hunt Easter eggs. Of course, there was the treasured prize egg. Family traditions are so much fun.

After church we went to lunch with my family. Ellery carried Bolt wherever she went that day. Today she tried to see if Bolt would rescue her like he does Penny in the movie. It was hilarious. She kept saying, "Zoom, zoom Bolt. Zoom, zoom."

The Easter bunny visited us at lunch. She kept telling him thank you for bringing her Bolt.

Okay, I think I figured my blogger problem out. Yeah. Here are some more pictures from the weekend. Oh, and the funny story from today has to do with a little issue at swimming lessons. Ellery has been taking swim lessons for the past two weeks. We have to go every day for two weeks and then she can start on a maintenance program. I was not looking forward to this two week boot camp but I have to say it has been the best thing for her. The first three days she cried her way through the lesson. Seems my little girl does not really like being told what to do, especially when it involves diving her head underwater. I don't really blame her. But, on the fourth day she started loving her lessons and enjoying her new skills.

So today was that day for her, meaning it had been four days since her last bowel movement. I can always tell D-day because she starts tip-toeing more, asking to be held a lot, and not really wanting to run around and play. Well, I keep telling her she needs to try to go before getting into the water but she wasn't having it. I make the hands-down best decision of the day (or maybe week) and decide to put her in a swim diaper just in case. As I am watching from the window, I can see her straining and telling the teacher something probably to the likes of, "My poopy hurts." I am thinking, oh no. I am wondering if anyone else is watching what is going down. I decide to break the rules and go into the pool area and ask her teacher if I need to get her. The teacher shakes her head no and says she is fine. Hmmmmm...maybe she didn't go. Fast forward to the end of the lesson. They all get out of the pool to make their way to the slide. Ellery gets out and practically has a tail from her massive pooping incident. I am just laughing by now as I watch an instructor go up to her and turn her around to get a look at it. They then send her back to me to do a seriously dirty diaper change. It was disgusting. She is humilitated but crying even more because she didn't get to participate on the slide. She rushes back to finish the last 2 minutes of class. Life with a toddler who only poops twice a week! Thank the Lord for swim diapers.

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Katie said...

Poor Ellery...I'm sure she was so sad she missed the slide!

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