Saturday, April 18, 2009

From a guppy to a goldfish

Goofing off with Hallie
Floating on the raft with Miss Megan

Waiting her turn for the slide

Floating on her back

Putting her hands "like a pillow" so she's ready float

Hi Mom

Ellery loved her teacher

Ellery had her last day of swimming boot camp on Friday. It was as dark as night outside, the skies had just opened up, and tornado warnings were in full effect. I called Houston Swim Club to see if they would still be holding lessons, and of course they were. I wanted to miss so bad, especially since I was going to have to wake Ellery up from her nap to get us there on time. However, they told me it was a special class because parents get to sit pool side and take pictures and the kids are given awards at the end of class. So, I felt I owed it to Ellery to get us there. She did so well throughout the entire two weeks, made so much progress, and I wanted her to get her much-deserved award. She was promoted from a guppy to a goldfish and we will now be doing maintenance classes a couple times a week for the next month. Her certificate says she has satisfactorily completed these skills: comfortable in water, puts face in water, breath control (bubbles), glides, kicks with barbells, back floats, rolls over, turns and climbs out of pool, and retrieves rings.

I am glad we attended and I got to get a few picture of our girl in action before my camera battery died.


Tiffany said...

Great job Ellery!!! She looks so comfortable in the water! Pray for us this week...Hahaha!

Amanda said...

I am cracking up about her pool/poop story. Bless her little heart! I am dreading such incidents this summer.

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