Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter and Birthdays

***Can someone please explain to me why most posts come out looking so crazy? Sorry but I am giving up trying to fix it this time.

We have had so much going on this past week and this weekend, but I didn't want to get behind on posting pictures. Last weekend, we had an Easter egg hunt with our neighbor friends. We have the most wonderful neighbors.

Ellery, Taylor, and Carter

This weekend we are celebrating Paige's birthday and Easter with the family. We attended a service on Thursday night in which we were able to really take time to think about Christ's death on the cross. Tomorrow we will rejoice that He is Risen!

Last night we went out to celebrate Paige's birthday! We also went on a little girls shopping trip to Nordstroms - my mom, Paige, and I - during the day. I love spending time, just the 3 of us. We laugh together and are brutally honest with one another, whether it is when trying on clothes or picking out baby names. I now am 100% sure that skinny jeans are NOT for me (I was 95% sure of that already) and Paige knows how we feel about her future baby name choices. No, she's not pregnant. We were just having fun!

We went to Tony's for dinner and the dessert we had was called The Bomb. It is seriously the biggest ice cream cake I have ever seen. And it tastes even better than it looks!

Ellery had her first slumber party last night. My sweet (although I told her she might be crazy) friend Tiffany offered to keep Ellery over night at their house. Somehow 2 little girls turned into 3 and it was a full on party! Tiff says they did great although they didn't sleep much! I am sure there will be some funny stories and pictures that will surface soon!

More on the weekend in another post...we are off to carry on my Nanny's tradition of coloring Easter eggs. We will miss her so much this Easter!

Oh and here is a picture of Pricey. I don't want to leave him out. How he ever managed to sit all 23 pounds of him upright I am not sure!

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