Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Big Girl Bed Dilemna

Tuesday night we decided that we would finally put together Ellery's big girl bed and let her make the transition. We had been talking it up to her and were confident she could handle it. The rule was that a big girl bed meant no pacifiers. Her dentist encouraged us to get rid of the paci by age three so this was what I came up with. I was so sure she would want to be out of her crib that she would gladly give up her paci. I am sure you see where all of this is headed....I completely under-estimated her attachment to her paci.

I remember saying to Nathan, "No turning back on this paci thing." Famous last words. Ellery was all ready for bed, so excited about her new princess sheets, and enjoying bouncing around on her new bed. We broke out the camera and took pictures and Ellery gladly put her pacifiers in a bag and bragged about how she was giving them to baby Emery. So we tuck her in, say prayers, and leave the room. About 10 minutes later, we hear her crying for mama and daddy. I go back in to see what is wrong and she tells me that she is not ready for her big girl bed and instead wants to sleep in her baby bed with her paci. It was too late to deal with any of it at this point, so we make the change and put her in her crib.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I decided that maybe we would try one change at a time. I got to thinking that no diapers, no paci, and a new bed were a lot of changes at once for an almost three-year-old. I make the decision that she could sleep with her paci in her new bed and I will deal with getting rid of it down the road. I really do not care that she still uses one and in fact, I think I will really miss seeing it in her mouth at night and during nap times. It keeps her somewhat of a baby in my mind I guess. I just don't want her teeth to suffer any consequences from having used one for so long.
Well, she seemed excited about my change of heart and laid down in her big girl bed for a nap. As I am walking out of the room, however, she tells me that she wants back in her baby crib and that maybe she will be ready for a big girl bed when she is three! I try to talk up the bed and all of it's great benefits, but my girl is set on being in the crib. How long can they stay in those things? I am sure there is some sort of weight limit!

Ready for baby Emery! Did I mention that E still uses newborn pacifiers? The round ones! She sucks on them out of the side of her mouth like a pipe. This is what has caused one of her front teeth to not fully descend. We made sure that Pricey took the Nuk from the get-go.

Saying her prayers
All ready for bed...we think.


Tiffany said...

That is so funny!! I bet she will just wake up one day and decide the crib is done! Everything on her own time. I love it! She is going to be very LOYAL I can tell:)

Jill said...
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Jill said...
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Jill said...

Have you seen that episode of Supernanny with the "paci fairy"? I don't have kids so who knows, but maybe it would work. She says that the paci fairy comes to take the pacis to the babies who need them (you have to get a fairy doll who comes and "takes them away".) Then the next day the paci fairy leaves the new big girl a big present. Just an idea! Kind of like the tooth fairy!

the_wells said...

so funny. well..emma kate has now decided that she wants to poop in a diaper and not the potty anymore.
so that is fun. she will take off her diaper to pee - but then wants it back on when she needs to poop.
i can't understand the minds of a 2 year old..but my mom assured me that she wouldn't be pooping in her pants when she is 15.
sooo..same goes for the crib. who cares, really? as long as she is sleeping....

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