Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hellllooo blogging friends! Sorry for no updates this week! This past weekend we went to Austin to see my grandparents. They enjoyed spending time with Ellery and Nathan and I enjoyed a little relaxation time not having to be on our toes 24-7. It is an understatment to say that Ellery likes the lake - she LOVES it, everything about it. She kept saying "boat" and grabbing my dad's finger to pull him outside so they could take a boat ride. One time my dad (Poppy) thought maybe she just wanted to play inside the boat, but not a chance. She wanted to GO!
This week Nathan and I were able to attend a huge gala for Boys and Girls Country on Tuesday. It was outstanding, with about 1500 people in attendance. My parents have been involved with the organization for awhile and it is a truly wonderful one. It gives many children the opportunity to live with a Christian family and experience "home" because for various reasons they are unable to live with their biological parents. And the guest entertainer was none other than Bill Cosby!
And to top of our week, I ventured out to the Nutcracker Market today for about 6 hours! My mom was so gracious to pick up Ellery from school and let me knock out most of my Christmas gift list. Most importantly, however, it was just wonderful to sneak away with a friend and have fun! What a gift!

And because most of you really just want to hear about Ellery, one of her newest words is Hellloo! It is adorable. I have tried to video her saying it so I could post it, but she doesn't do it on command. She also got an early Christmas gift this morning - the Neat and Tidy outdoor cottage. She was so surprised and excited when we took her outside to see it this morning. The girl just loves being outdoors and for the past month or so has been amusing herself with pine needles. Hopefully this new toy will bring her just as much excitement!


cindy gatewood said...

Love the Neat and Tidy Cottage!
Of course, it goes without
saying that anything to do with
the words neat AND tidy would
be exciting to me-LOL
Love, Lulu

Tabaitha, Adam, & Mason said...

That is so cool that the speaker was Bill Cosby! I admire his principles and how he handles life. Also, the Cosby Show was one of my favs.

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