Monday, November 26, 2007

Elmos and half-decorated trees

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and enjoyed all of the family time. Unfortunately I have no pictures to show for it. How sad. I do have video though and might one day get it together enough to post it on the blog. We will see!

We JUST finished decorating the house for Christmas and I love it. Not that we have that many decorations, but just the simple things like the tree, stockings, nativity scenes, and Santas. I am so lucky because my grandparents bought each of their grandchildren a Christmas ornament each year since I was a baby. While at the time they didn't mean much, they now are hold so much sentimental value and I enjoy putting them on the tree every Christmas season. Thanks Mema and Papa! Not to mention that they have (along with my aunt and uncle) supplied me with most of my Christmas decorations as well!

When Ellery woke up to find the house decorated this morning, she pointed at the decorative Santas we have around the house and said, "Elmo, Elmo!" It was too funny. Along with all of our "Elmos", we have a half-decorated Christmas tree this year....decorations are only higher than a toddler's reach. I just wonder what she thinks of all this Christmas stuff!

It continues to amaze me how much Ellery understands and tries to communicate with us. If she wants anything, she just comes and grabs our fingers and leads us. We love it!

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cindy gatewood said...

It was a good day, for which
I am thankful!

Love, Lulu

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