Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Wow, do we have a lot to be thankful for! Yesterday we spent the day with Nathan's family and celebrated his mom's birthday. Our gift to her was family pictures which we had taken yesterday in the Woodlands. They turned out great minus a few pictures where Ellery was clearly over having her picture taken. Ellery also got to spend some time at the children's museum at the Woodlands mall which she absolutely loved. What a fabulous idea!
Today we are headed to Lulu and Poppy's house for a Thanksgiving lunch. Bebe and Pops will be joining us as well as Paige, Taylor, Meredith, and 4 dogs. How blessed are we to have our entire family in one place? Ellery won't get spoiled one bit I am sure!
And is Christmas decorating time! I told Nathan we will be getting out the tree tonight. He was thrilled. :)
Have a wonderful day filled with family, food, fun, and most importantly thanksgiving!


the_wells said...

i'm so excited to find you in blog world!
so randomly clicked on this from another blog.
this is katie (rogers) wells!
we need to talk soon and catch up.
i just read a couple of your posts and laughed out loud. blessings to you and your sweet fam - katie

Tabaitha, Adam, & Mason said...

Thanks. I know God is going to reveal so much to us with this move and I look forward to learning more about Him through this everyday. Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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