Thursday, November 15, 2007

What I Did Today

1. Woke up at 6 am because I am a light sleeper and always wake up when Nathan gets out of bed no matter how quiet he is.
2. Since I was up, decided I would do my bible study.
3. About 5 minutes into it, Ellery woke up unusually early.
4. Went into Ellery's room and to my shock her left eye was partly swollen shut due to a mosquito bite she got from the night before. A few things went through my head including "wow, she looks a little alien-like","poor thing, I wonder if she can see okay?", and "shoot, this better clear up before pictures next Tuesday!". She didn't seem to be bothered by it, so I gave her some motrin and continued with our morning routine.
5. Made Ellery a breakfast of eggs and fruit, as well as pack her a lunch for school.
6. Got both E and I dressed for the day which went unusually smooth despite a minor tantrum over our differing shoe choices.
7. Drove Ellery to school and watched her excitedly place the fruit she brought for the class fruit salad into the teacher's bowl.
8. Walked back to my car a little sad that she didn't say bye or seem at all bothered that I was leaving her for the morning (although I know this is a GOOD thing).
9. Went to it!
10. Went to the galleria to purchase a few necessary items and a couple unnecessary items.
11. Scarfed down a huge slice of veggie pizza.
12. Drove to pick up a couple of things I was having monogrammed at the Monogram Store.
13. Couldn't find a single parking spot so decided to come back to that errand later.
14. Realized that the picture outfit I had purchased for E needed off-white tights.
15. Drove to BabyGap because surely they have every color of tights. Thought to myself you just left the galleria dummy!
16. Went to BabyGap and no off-white tights. Sales lady told me to put white tights into a cup of tea to obtain the cream color. Decided against that idea immediately but purchased a few on sale items and one item that I convinced them needed a damage discount. Go me.
17. Went back to my errand at the Monogram Store and this time found a parking spot.
18. Thought to myself that I really needed to get to the post office before I pick up Ellery from school but maybe I could squeeze in a really fast trip to Whole Foods and Beauty First.
19. Bought apple juice at Whole Foods (the only kind E really likes).
20. Bought a round brush at Beauty First and thought really hard about purchasing a wonderfully smelling holiday candle.
21. Rushed to the post office to pick up a package I was not home to sign for the previous day.
22. Waited in line at the post office.
23. Was told my package was back out for delivery.
24. Went by my mail box to see if the mail had been delivered for the day - indeed it had. No package.
25. Decided I would take matters into my own hands and find the post man.
26. Spotted him down the street - "How lucky is that?", I thought.
27. Ran over to the post man (It is nearing time to pick up E from school and can't be late) waving my US Postal note.
28. He says it is his half-day and he doesn't have my package. But Phil the other mail carrier might have it.
29. I ask him if he could radio for Phil but it seems they don't do that kind of thing.
30. He tells me where I might find Phil and also tells him I owe him. (I am thinking I don't owe you a darn thing, you ARE my mailman.)
31. Pray that I am able to find Mr. Phil.
32. Spot the mail truck and Phil! Phil saves the day, gives me my package, and saves me a dreaded trip to the post office with Ellery tomorrow.
33. Pick up Ellery.
34. Spend an hour at the park with Tiffany and Madikate.
35. Try on part of Ellery's picture outfit I bought her and realize I have the wrong size
36. Decide to venture back to the galleria because I am psycho like that and don't like returns hanging over my head.
37. Get to the galleria and buy E a cookie so that we will have a peaceful shopping experience.
38. Return my item.
39. Let Ellery get a good look at Santa and Mrs. Claus all the while shocked that they are at the mall in early November.
40. Remember that I need cream tights.
41. Go into 5 stores with no luck. Revisit the tea idea.
42. Find the tights in the last place...woo hoo!
43. Drive home in 5 o'clock traffic and have to use the restroom.
44. Get home and make Ellery dinner.
45. Bathtime.
46. Bedtime.
47. RELAX....well sort of...I have a couple of tasks that I would like to accomplish before bedtime (one being watch last night's Project Runway).

I don't know why I decided to give everyone a run down of my day. I just found myself laughing throughout it! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday! Here is a picture of my sweet, swollen girl:


cindy gatewood said...

And so it goes with motherhood!
Seize the day!!


Kristyn said...

Bless her heart...darn that mosquito!

Tabaitha, Adam, & Mason said...

Here poor eye! Sounds like you were a busy bee. I'm very impressed that you were able to get so many things done in one day. I hope it gets easier as Mason gets older, but I doubt that.

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