Sunday, November 18, 2007

Night at the aquarium

We were pretty lazy this weekend although we did manage to get to the downtown aquarium. Nathan and I had been wanting to take Ellery for awhile so Friday night seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Nathan decided it was our night on the town and went all out with valet parking and an elaborate appetizer and meal. I write about the valet parking because it is this new thing with Ellery - she is VERY unsure about a stranger driving away in momma's car. It really bothers her and she obsesses about it until we can find something really good to distract her with. Nathan thinks she's just really into cars...we will see about that!

She seemed to enjoy the huge array of fish that were swimming around in the aquarium while we ate although she didn't want to go too near to the glass. I don't blame definitely wasn't the fish tank full of goldfish she is used to seeing at church or the doctor's office. After dinner on our way out there was a man scuba diving in one of the tanks, and I can say with complete certainty that Ellery did not enjoy this part of the evening. He even tried to blow her kisses and wave.

After dinner we went to look at all of the other fish and animals that were on display. It was like a mini-zoo. At the end, there were these two HUGE white tigers. They were beautiful but they kept eyeing Ellery which made me a little panicky. I literally picked her up at one point and ran for the exit. We also enjoyed the shark train ride and of course, the carousel. It is so fun to experience familiar things through the eyes of a child - it is all so brand new and exciting to her. She kept saying "choo-choo" after we got off the train and she did NOT want to get off of the carousel. What a fun, family night!

We are looking forward to this Thanksgiving week and being with our families. I love this time of year!

the scary scuba man

going fishing!

attempting to touch the sting rays

look at the scuba baby!

dad's turn!

white tigers

and enjoying the carousel!

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Tiffany said...

How fun is that place?!! I loved the Tigers but also felt sorry for them. What a great family night! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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