Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cute Little Ladybug

Last night was so much fun! Ellery was just adorable and she actually seemed to enjoy wearing her costume. I wish you could have seen her in person because pictures just aren't quite as cute.

First stop was the Fall Festival at church. Ellery really enjoyed all of the toddler activities including bobbing for ducks, coloring, playing with the parachute, and the Nemo moonwalk. I didn't know she was big enough to even get in one but I ended up having to go in after her because she didn't want to come out. I can't wait until she can really jump around!

The Fall Festival was a cowboy theme. Here is the ladybug saddling up.

Here she is headed to another moonwalk for the older kids.
Yeah Madikate has arrived!

Is that really Madikate in that duck
costume? I had to feel her face to make sure she was real!

My antennas must have scared my friend!

Bobbing for ducks

Yipee found the duck with the star on the bottom!

Look I might be a wrangler like my Lulu!

Next stop was to Lulu and Poppy's house for a surprise trick or treat. Lulu came with us to the Fall Festival and we couldn't let the night end without seeing Poppy. We were glad to find out that he WAS giving out candy this year instead of canned vegetables and raisins(hahaha inside family joke). Finally, we went to another friend's Halloween party to continue the festivities. Ellery was a trooper and I can only imagine what her little toddler mind thought about all of the dressed up children and adults.

Her classroom at school celebrated with cookies and a costume parade. The toddlers don't dress up (could you imagine changing diapers in a costume?) but they were able to see all of the older kids. Here is a picture taken right before we left that morning. Thanks for the shirt Aunt Sherry!


Kristyn said...

Awww! Such a precious little ladybug!

cindy gatewood said...

Cutest ladybug and duck ever!!

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