Friday, May 18, 2007

To blog or not to blog?

Lately I have discovered blogging and one might even say that I have become slightly obsessed. So...instead of living vicariously through other bloggers that I know, I decided to create one myself. I guess it is just a way of letting family and friends know what we are up to, especially now that our lives are rarely dull (thanks to an adorable and energetic 11-month old with drama queen tendencies).

Have patience as I navigate through this blogging adventure. I hope to change the layout to something much cooler and add some links that I love.
For now, I leave you with the newest picture of sweet Ellery. And you can see more pictures on our shutterfly website (the link is to the right).


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Tamie said...

This is great! I will enjoy the thoughts AND the pictures!

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