Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I think all we did this past weekend was go out to eat. We had high hopes of blowing up Ellery's new baby pool but the weather just did not cooperate. Other exciting happenings around our house the past couple of days included:

Ellery's new favorite activity: watching the laundry spin around and around in the washer

Ellery's 2nd new favorite activity: taking apart toilet paper and attempting to eat it before I come take it away
Wow! Can you tell that we were stuck inside all weekend??

Seriously though this weekend was very relaxing. We were able to spend some time with my mom and dad and with friends. It was also nice to have some extra family time just the three (or four if you count Colby man) of us!

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Megan said...

hi kristen...i just happened to come across your blog. your baby is precious! i noticed your post on a job for sister. i don't know if anyone, but i did want to let you know that they are opening a new elementary school this year in northwest isd. from southlake it's about 15 minutes or so. i don't know if they are filled yet with staff, but it's worth a shot. i know they pay amazing starting of luck to her.

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