Monday, May 28, 2007

A Plug for the Environment

Lately I have been noticing all of the UGLY plastic bags lying around everywhere. I don't know if other cities are as bad as Houston, but this city is full of them. On top of this, it seems that when I go to the grocery store I come home with way too many bags - sometimes each bag has only one or two items.

So I have decided to change my ways. I ordered a nifty little bag from It just came in the mail today. The great thing about it is that it hooks onto the handles at the grocery store checkout to make it just as easy for the sacker as the plastic ones. Very cool. AND, it is incredibly tiny. Perfect for the diaper bag or purse. Here it is all folded up:

And unfolded:

I know this will only hold a few groceries so I will probably end up buying some more just like it. Or even better... just use some bags you have around the house. Let's make the earth we've been entrusted with a prettier place for our kiddos! Who knows, next I might try recyling or (gasp!) stop using paper towels.

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