Friday, May 25, 2007

A Day at Noah's Ark

Today was so much fun! Our great friends Julie and Ella went with us to Noah's Ark, which is a wonderful little water park for toddlers. There are rainbow slides, waterfalls, tunnels, frogs and whales to sit on, and much more. It is a toddler's dream and a great place for moms to socialize, work on a tan, and eat kiddy treats from the snack bar. Here is a picture of it:

The girls LOVED it! Ellery couldn't get enough of this huge mushroom with water pouring down over it and off the sides. And Ella kept trying to swim - literally she would stick her face under the water like she was ready to take off. Unfortunately Ellery did not get the swimmer genes - I was never one for swim team or germ-filled water parks with those huge tunnel slides (can we say claustrophobic?).

And yet another plus about Noah's Ark: Ellery was yawning the minute I put her in the car seat to come home. And when we did get home, she took a long, 3 hour nap. Nice!
I hope to get some better pics next time but here is one of the girls holding onto the whale:

Everyone enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and be safe!

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