Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I think she's teething...

From about month 2 Ellery has been a human water faucet. Drool on the carpet, drool on the clothes, drool on mom, drool on dad, well you get the picture. Also, from about month 2 people have been telling me that she is teething. I kept thinking any day now my infant's gummy smile would be completely overtaken by a giant, pearly white. Any runny nose or mild fever I would automatically attribute to her teething. Month 3 passed, no tooth. Month 5 passed, still no teeth. Month 6 and 7 passed (the average month that the first tooth makes its appearance), hmmmmmm still teething but no tooth. By month 8, 9, and 10 I decided that my child was going to kindergarten with no teeth. Most of her little buddies had between 4 and 6 teeth by now. No big deal I thought, she won't have to go through the agony and awkwardness of braces during the already oh-so-awkward junior high days.

Well...yesterday, 3 weeks before her 1st birthday, the first tooth emerged. Yeah! It's just one, but I have a feeling she is about to get hit with some more really soon. I guess she will not be biting into her birthday cake toothless after all. And I sure will miss her sweet gummy smile!


Boundbrook Lane said...

Hey, Kristen! Your baby girl is ADORABLE!!! Oh, the endless drool. . Jackson was a major spit-up/drooling kind of kid. . . and Hope did a MAJOR projectile spit up on me just this morning. We both had to change all our clothes! Oh, the joys of mommyhood! :) I love your blog! Keep it coming! Star

cindy gatewood said...

I can't wait to see the tooth!
Love, Lulu

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