Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anyone, anyone?

Paige is going to shoot me for writing this post, but I just thought I would throw this out there. I act like millions of people are reading this blog when in fact it is probably a measly five or six. Oh well. Here it goes. My sister, Paige, is looking for a JOB. She had a wonderful one last year teaching kindergarten in Frisco ISD (with the exception of some incidents that forced her to have to go through formal training in restraining five-year-olds..but we won't go into that). The problem is that she and her husband, Taylor, just moved into a new house in Colleyville, which created over an hour and a half commute time both ways. No fun! So, she is looking for something a bit closer. She is an AWESOME teacher and person in general and any school would be so blessed to have her.

So calling all Dallas/Ft. Worth residents....if you have any leads at all they would be greatly appreciated! And for the rest of you, if you don't mind saying a little prayer for Paige today, that would be appreciated as well. We all know how rough job searching can be!

Paige with Ellery (3 months) in Cabo

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Boundbrook Lane said...

Hey, Kristen! I will totally say a prayer for Paige to find a job. I had no idea she was teaching Kindergarten! Tell her HI from me!

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