Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trip NYC

Nathan and I just returned home from a fantastic trip to New York City with some good friends. We hadn't been away, just the two of us, in, well..I can't really remember. One of the couples that went with us lived in NYC for awhile and so they planned our jam-packed itinerary. We lived it up like true New Yorkers, riding the subway everywhere, eating street meat (well, some of us did...I opted for the pretzel), and staying in a room that was the size of my mom's closet. It was awesome.

The Brooklyn tabernacle worship on Sunday. It's truly like a little glimpse of what I imagine heaven to be like. There was not one empty seat (this picture was taken early), and I think the floor was literally moving with all the praising, dancing, and clapping going on. I loved being in the minority and was only a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear Jim Cymbala.
We visited the 9/11 memorials. What a humbling sight. The pregnant women who died that day had their name on the memorial along with "and her unborn child". That really stuck with me. Every life lost that day was so precious, including those unborn children.
Another view of the memorial
Our night out on Broadway
Random picture but the only one I have of the two of us.
Random bathroom picture
Brooklyn Bridge...we walked the bridge. Glad I did it, but didn't love it. They were spray painting, so the fumes plus the height didn't go so well for me.
Riding the subway with Melissa
Macy's store front

Every meal we ate was outstanding and the fact that it included no screaming children made it even that much more enjoyable. What a blessing to get away, have our kids well taken care of by so many at home, and recharge. I was so ready to return home Sunday night...there's really no place like home.

On our return flight I couldn't help but think about the hugeness (is that a word?) of the next trip we will be taking. This time it is literally on the other end of the earth. Destination China. And no, it's not to pick up a child (although Lord willing, that might happen one day).


Janice said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Is the trip to China for fun and who all are going?

cindy gatewood said...

Can't wait to hear more details about the trip..we loved getting to help out with the kiddos!

cindy gatewood said...

Can't wait to hear more details about the trip..we loved getting to help out with the kiddos!

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