Friday, December 23, 2011


Ellery woke up this morning and declared, "I'm so glad I have two brothers. And that one of them is extra special. Brothers are the best. I could have had sisters but I get to have brothers!" She then proceeded to jump all over the couch and slide down the makeshift slide she had created as both of her little brothers watched in awe and then eagerly followed in her footsteps. It was one of those moments where I really took in all that she had so joyfully uttered and thought to myself that I'm so very blessed. I also thought to myself that this is the thankfulness and joy the Lord desires from my own heart. Thankful for every blessing, every struggle, every pain, every joy because they all ultimately bring me closer to Him.

Christmas time has been hard for us the past couple of years. The first year, we were awaiting some pretty intense genetic testing results for Price, and then this last year we had been hit with the devastating news that the neurologist wanted to test him for degenerative conditions after a not-so-stellar MRI. We spent most of the holidays waiting for a phone call.

This year we are in a much different position, but waiting nonetheless. We are preparing our family for a trip to China. Our family will be apart for over a month. I have no idea of what to expect or the emotions I will feel knowing that for some of that time my boy will be having medical procedures done without me by his side. Or how much I will miss my "bookends" while I am on the other side of the earth.

I do know that this Christmas season, I am truly at a place of acceptance-with-joy. I accept with joy the life the Lord has planned for Price, whatever it may look like. I accept-with-joy the possibility that stem cells won't do a single thing. I accept-with-joy that this trip could be for some completely other reason than for Price. We do know that the Lord has illuminated this next step in our journey and so, like my daughter, I want to have a heart that overflows with thankfulness and joy at what the Lord desires to do in China.

{Nevertheless, OBVIOUSLY we are praying for the Lord to use this trip to bring healing to our boy. I think I will post the list of specific prayer requests we are giving to our friends and family. We would be grateful for your prayers for our family.}


The Fab 4 said...

You can count on me to pray!! We want to see that boy healed!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

cindy gatewood said...

"a little child shall lead them.."
Chilren lead us in humility, a forgiving spirit,sincerity, and in confiding trust. I am thankful
for Ellery!


Tabaitha said...

Love Ellery's heart! I am glad you are posting a list of specific prayer requests and will definitely be praying.

Paige said...

We will be praying BIG things for Price while he is away. I know the Lord will guide you through this, as he has every other step of the way. Great post, we all take such JOY in HIM!

Mara said...

Oh yes, please tell leave us what to pray for. Prayer opens up the door for God to bless someone:)

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