Monday, December 19, 2011

This boy

is 14 months old already
has started climbing and jumping
shakes his head for no and for's a pretty funny sight
does the happy feet dance when he's frustrated
loves itsy bitsy spider and doing the hand motions
calls lulu "wuwu"
airplanes, birds, trucks, vacuum cleaners, dogs, squirrels...a few of his favorite things
loves to put his hands over his eyes and then shout, "Boo"
says the sweetest "bye bye"
gets into everything and then some
likes to back into things and go in reverse
is so goofy and makes everyone laugh
takes a bite of his snack then offers some to his "bro bro"
is always wanting to eat
loves to throw away trash and "clean"
woke up with a black eye this morning...a fight with his bed maybe?


Mara said...

I know what you mean! My little guy is a handful. I caught him standing in the dishwasher when I turned around from putting some cups in the cupboard!!! His sister NEVER would have done that. Street is a QT ;-)

cindy gatewood said...

This boy is a joy (even though
some times he is naughty-ha!).
AND, this boy LOVES his mama!!

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