Sunday, June 19, 2011

5 year old letter

Miss Ellery Paige,

You are 5 years old, a whole hand now. It just can't be. It seems like yesterday it was just the 3 of us, and now you are the big sister to two brothers. I love you so very much.

You finished preschool and are heading to Bridge next year. You love school and are excited about a new school and new friends. You have always been up for trying new things and meeting new people. You just jump right in most of the time, something I love about you. You have started reading a little. In fact, you read the words "Six Flags" off my coke can the other day in the car. You also read a couple of street signs. I know you are going to love being able to read because you adore books. Your world is going to open up, my dear!

You have been quite a big sister to Pricey. You know that Price is unlike most 2 1/2 year olds, but you rarely bring it up. You know he is special and you pray for him with a boldness and faith that mommy admires. You also love on his friends at school. You don't see the disabilities, only the child. This makes mama so very proud. I wish everyone could see others through your lens. You asked to sleep with him on your birthday. You told me he woke up the next morning, stood up in his crib, looked you in the eye, and said, "Hey."

You told me that if you could give one brother away it would be "Rager" because, well, he rages too much. I have a feeling that you two are going to be best of buds and you will be such a good teacher and leader. He may not have been the sister you prayed for, but the Lord has given us just what we need and you haven't skipped a beat. You are such a helper to mama. I really don't know what I would do without you. I often have to remind myself that you are only 5 and still such a baby yourself.

You love art and making crafts and you have become quite a good little drawer. You still like Star Wars and watch it with your dad every once in awhile before bed. Your dad has also taught you recently about Michael Jackson and you are loving jamming out to "Beat it" and "Man in the Mirror." You love your dad and declared yourself a daddy's girl tonight at bedtime.

You have such a sense of justice and fairness that it gets the best of you sometimes. I must say that is a trait you have inherited from your mother. You also have a tendency to like things "just so", and once you get your mind set on something, it's hard to talk you out of it. Again, this is from your mother. Life is going to be a little harder because of these traits, but the Lord will use them for something great.

You have started really understanding about heaven and sin and the reason that Jesus had to die on the cross. You amaze me with your ability to grasp these truths. You love Jesus and I am praying that this love only grows as you get older. I tell you often that the most important thing in life is that you love Jesus and follow Him.

If I had to describe you in one word, it would be "life". You have so much life in you. You love learning and exploring and are full of questions and thoughts. You love your friends and your family with all your heart.

I love you so very much and look forward to your year as a big 5 year old. I always tell you that if I had to go around the world and pick one girl to be my daughter, I would choose you. Every single time, I would choose Ellery!



Paige said...

And the tears are flowing...

Sherry said...

She is definitely like you!

cindy gatewood said...

Sweet letter to EPS!
Birthday pics to come soon?

Janice said...

What a beautiful message to your sweet daughter! I wish I had a blog when my family was growing. It is such a great way to chronicle feelings and have them there for generations to come.

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