Sunday, November 28, 2010

football, fishing, and falling in love

We went to Austin for Thanksgiving and had the privilege of seeing both sides of the family. My mom cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving was beautiful and delicious. The boys stayed at the lake while Nathan, Ellery, and I went to the Texas/A&M football game. I am proud of those Aggies! Ellery told Nathan that she wants to go to A&M now because they won the game, have a better band, and you get to kiss every time the players score. Well said my dear.

Speaking of kissing, Ellery came home from school a couple of weeks ago and told me she is falling in love with Jack. Falling in love? Where in the world did she hear that? I will blame it on Disney. Jack is a very handsome little guy so I can hardly blame her. She also told me that she kissed him at school...on the hand. I fear for the future. Not really.

Ellery went fishing at the lake and caught something. I was in shock that she had a fish on her line within 5 minutes but she told me that she prayed God would send a fish. Silly me to like a child. She didn't want her picture with it though because "fish are gross". I told her that's why God gave us two boys that can do all the dirty work for us. They can kill the bugs, handle the fish, and all the other yucky stuff that we girls don't enjoy.

Street has been flashing a little grin every once and awhile and it makes all the screaming completely worth it. He's kind of a serious little dude that likes to be held ALL THE TIME. He is not big on naps either. In order to get our Christmas decorations put up tonight, Lulu had to come over and be the "baby holder".

Price is getting over his first cold in over a year. Seriously, the kid rarely gets sick. It was nice to have a little time off from therapy, especially since he was under the weather. Price cracks us up these days. We gave him benadryl for the ride home from Austin and Ellery and Street slept but he was awake the entire trip. He was so bored that he started pestering his sister....grabbing her hands, pulling on her hair, trying to steal her Gatorade etc. I love when he does stuff like this, the "typical" little brother stuff. He's a funny guy.

Nathan and I stayed up late last night working on arts and crafts and watching football. He was helping me make some ornaments that I am taking to exchange with some ladies from our church for an Advent Jesse tree. We were also putting together Street's birth announcements. I must say it was more fun than being on the computer or checking our phones. I am not sure if Nathan would say the same though.
Poppy bought her some camo for her fishing adventure...a girl's got to look good

fishing with pops


Jacquelyn Colley said...

Yay for Miss Ellery choosing the correct university! She will be the cutest little aggie!!!

cindy gatewood said...

It's too bad the really
BIG fish got away!
What a fun time...


Sherry said...

Way to go Ellery on catching a fish! The camo outfit is precious. She definitely is cheering for the RIGHT team! Looking forward to seeing you all on the 12th.

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