Monday, November 15, 2010

More about Street...

-he grinned for the first time a couple days ago...much earlier than Ellery or Price.

-he slept from 10-4 last night...his longest stretch yet...not holding my breath

-he is not fond of sleep during the day...we are working on that

-he can go from 0 to 60 in no time...not alot of middle ground with this kiddo

-his eyes are already starting to darken...we are thinking either green or brown...he won't take after his big brother

-he likes to move...he's a wiggle worm and won't stay still for long

-we think so far he's been the most difficult of all 3 at this stage...maybe because he has to cry more since I'm not always available to hold him or soothe him...yes, I am saying he's high maintenance

-he loves loves his sling

-he already weighs over 12 1/2 pounds...he's the size of a 6 month old

-he loves Ellery and Price's voices...and searches for them in a room

-nathan has nicknamed him "rager boy"...poor little guy

-we think he looks like lulu...of course this could all change...but lucky for him if it doesn't :)


cindy gatewood said...

Laughing at that last one!

cindy gatewood said...

I love "Street Feet!

Paige said...

we love our new addition!

Lyndsay said...

what sweet baby feet! hope that you are getting {some} sleep momma! xo

Sherry said...

Love the feet!! If he looks like Lulu, he will be very very lucky!

JWK said...

Too cute!!

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