Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who wants a coke? (and a baby update)

I went to the hospital today for a non-stress test to check up on baby. Everything sounded great! My midwife was debating on giving me a medicine to help get this baby moving down and labor started, however, after much discussion we both decided against it. We are going to give my body more time to do its thing and if there is no baby by Sunday, we will have an induction on Monday. The standard is 40 weeks with our cord-issue and while I would be willing to go another week or so, I am trusting the doctor on this one.

I am so peaceful about it all and know the Lord has the perfect time and day for the arrival of this much-loved little one.

In the meantime, I am walking, walking, walking. In fact, if you saw a huge pregnant lady and a certain 4 year old walking down a busy street today...it was me and Ellery. Ellery has become quite the entrepreneur lately and wants to sell everything from art work to water to random household items. Today, she decided she wanted to sell cans of coke. At first I said no (I don't want to be the crazy neighbor) but then I thought back to my childhood. I was just like her! So we came up with a plan to give cokes away to people we saw in the neighborhood. She would be satisfied and I could get some walking in. We carried around a diaper box of cokes and handed them out one by one. There are several houses under construction and the workers had huge smiles on their faces when Ellery presented them with an ice-cold coke. One man gave her a dollar and that really made her day. We could have been a coca-cola commerical now that I think about it.

I am off to eat some spicy chili for dinner. And maybe some pineapple for dessert. Isn't that the old-wives tale about labor-inducing food?


Amanda said...

How fun to picture y'all giving out Cokes on your street! I am praying for you, friend, that you have a wonderful birth experience.

The Wells Family said...

yall are so sweet. i would have taken a coke!
am praying for you - and there is another thing you can do to induce labor...and it works.

cindy gatewood said...

That's so cute! I had no idea
y'all were peddling Cokes today-
I would have come and walked with
you. And, YES,Ellery is her mother's child.

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Such a sweet story about Ellery handing out cokes.

Kathryn Cam said...

I love it, Kristen. Next she'll be wanting a cash register and play store like our childhood days.

jeanaelizabeth said...

I remember selling our "art" on the streets in South Dakota. Not sure why I remember that. I think we made ten cents.

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