Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday thoughts

1. We had a great weekend in Austin with my dear college friend Jody, her husband, and her three girls. Ellery loved having two playmates.
2. We have an evaluation scheduled for Price tomorrow. We are looking into more therapy for him.
3. I worry that we are not doing enough for Price and then I think how could we be doing more? Our life revolves around his therapy schedule. I just don't want to miss the early intervention window.
4. I had a really great conversation with a mom at therapy. The Lord really used our situation with baby #3 to speak into her life. It was one of those moments where I was amazed at God's perfect orchestration of my life and our circumstances. (thanks AJ)
5. I really do not like losing things. A couple of things have disappeared around our house and it annoys me. I think my daughter might be taking after me. Why is it such a big deal?
6. I think I am going to order Ellery a Princess Leia costume for Halloween. Last year I ordered early out of fear the costumes would be gone and she changed her mind. I am pretty positive she will NOT change her mind this time and we are safe.
7. I was able to witness the miracle of birth last week as my good friend, Tiffany, had her baby boy. It was truly amazing...there is nothing like it. Speechless.
8. I can't believe this baby will be here in 8 weeks. I have just started getting a room put together.
9. Some friends from our sunday school named their little girl Charly. Should we keep the name if it's a girl? I don't want to be a copycat. And I definitely want something original. Hmmmmm.
10. What if we have another boy and his development is right on track. Will Price be compared to him? What will he think growing up? I keep praying he will catch right up and this will be a non-issue, but it does concern me a little.
11. Oh, and Ellery reverted back to her old pooping ways last week. She went 5 days and you better believe I was so nervous. I did NOT want to go back there. Never again. Thankfully, she is back on track this week. Phew.

Deep Monday thoughts.


Kiki said...

Yes, keep the name Charly if you really love it. You did announce it on your blog!

I'm not in anyway comparing Kolby and Price's development but I totally get the comparison game. Kolby and Levi have been complete opposites in the development game. Levi is ahead and Kolby is, well, not. They are almost competing in the speech department with Kolby learning some annunciation from Levi. I don't think it would be different if Levi had been a girl, we still would have been amazed at his development and automatically compared it to what Kolby is/was doing. It is comparison but at the same time, it is just how you are with kids, ya know? Remember when so and so started doing such and such? It's not an unhealthy comparison and I know we don't really make a big deal of it, we just talk about it privately which I'm sure that is what you and Nathan would do. Does that make sense?

Sage can be Hans Solo! Just kidding, but that would be super cute! Is Price going to be Luke Skywalker? Sage would probably choose to be Darth Vader. He likes the dark side.

Tabaitha Kaye said...

I like the name and think you should keep it. Do ya'll have any other choices in mind for a girl?

Amanda said...

Oh, poor Ellery with her *issues*! I'm glad she is back to normal now. I just looked at a costume catalog and I could not get over the gnomes. One of my children might have to be a gnome and it is probably going to be the one who doesn't have an opinion about it. :)

Katie said...

1) I absolutely want to see Ellery in cute buns...if she changes her mind, have a themed day afterwards. I'm imagining the cutest pics!

2) Price is perfect, heavenly made! Comparing is in our nature, but I think once the new one arrives, you'll see that you do it less than you think you will! Geez, you'll be so busy you won't have time to think about it :)

3)Keep Charlie if you love it. But I totally understand how you feel about wanting to be original. Start thinking of others in case you want to change.

4) I love lists. You've inspired me :)

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