Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday in phone pics

It was a big day for Ellery. Nathan bought Dora Live tickets awhile back and planned a little daughter-daddy date. He didn't tell her about it until last night when he showed her a you tube video of the show. She woke up this morning, climbed in bed with us, and started shouting, "We're going to see Dora today!"

Unfortunately, the camera battery was dead and all we have are some fuzzy phone pictures.

They went to lunch downtown and then this is how they walked in the door.

And while I am on the subject of daddy-daughter - here is a picture of N and Ellerina the day he arrived home from Sudan. He was showing her the video of his time in Sudan.

While Nathan and Ellery were doing their thing, Price and I had a date to Emery's 1st birthday party. I tried out Price in Ellery's car seat and he was loving it! This is the face I am greeted with most of the time when I look back at Price and say his name.


Lindsay Wagner said...

SUCH cute pics!!! Looks like both kiddos had a great day on their dates! :)

Amanda said...

How fun! What a special date for Ellery and her daddy! Price looks so cute in the seat. His smile is adorable.

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