Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ballerina Ellery

This week is full of activity. Ellery is participating in a ballet/tap dance camp in the mornings. I was so excited to sign her up for this camp at the last minute. She is usually at therapy with Price and I in the mornings so what a treat for her to get to do something really FUN this summer. She has never taken a dance class before but somehow I knew she would love putting on her new leotard and tights and trying something new. I was right - she had a blast. On Friday, the parents get to watch a small recital where the girls can show off their newly learned dance skills. I can't wait.
I had to go out and buy some tights yesterday and borrow some ballet/tap shoes so we don't quite have the full look in these pictures. My little ballerina:

Nathan, Ellery, and I are participating in Houston Project with our church this week. This is our first year to take Ellery with us and she really enjoyed herself last night. She kept telling me that she was going to make new friends because the friends she has now are old. That made me laugh. I ended up being put in her VBS classroom as a helper and so she thought it was pretty cool that I was her mommy and teacher. Many of the kids in our class just speak Spanish so Ellery was using her newly learned espanol (thanks to our babysitter Mercedes) to try to communicate. It was cute. She was trying so hard to relate and make friends. I love her willingness to meet new people and try/do new things. She just jumps right in.


Kathryn Biegel said...

How adorable, Kristen. Brings back memories of our childhood of ballet, tap and jazz class -- then dinner afterwards at Marco's!!!

Amanda said...

She's so precious in her leotard! I'm glad she did well with you in her class. I had the opposite experience with Jackson last night. Never again.

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