Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treat

We didn't go trick or treating but did have lots of fun! Ellery said she wanted to be Snow White about 6 months ago and yesterday was her day. She wore her costume to school and all of the kids paraded out and waved at the cars passing by on the street. People were honking and waving back. She was a natural!
Costume and shoes provided by Lulu

Best buds - Cinderella (Madi Kate) and Snow White
Last night we went to our church's festival and had fun with friends. Can you believe we never put Price in his costume? He was just too sound asleep to wake him up and make him put it on. We did dress him in it today though - really just for a picture op! Funny story about his costume. I wasn't going to dress him up, but then at the last minute decided I just had to. Ellery was a kangaroo at 6 months and I couldn't leave Pricey out. So, at the beginning of last week I asked Ellery what Price should dress up as for Halloween. Out of the blue she replied, "Nemo!" I came across this goldfish costume online and thought it was close enough!

This is how he spent Halloween day...little pumpkin


Tabaitha Kaye said...

His face is so funny in that costume. I have to say, that fish costume is pretty creative and just too funny.

Tiffany said...

I am laughing so hard...that costume is hilarious and I love his facial expression in it!! Cutie!

cindy gatewood said...

I love Price's bottom lip
in the pumpkin outfit!!


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