Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheering on the Horns

This was Ellery's last game of the season. Nathan and I still have the big A&M vs. UT game Thanksgiving Day. She has really enjoyed going to the games this year and looks forward to our trips to Austin. A couple of pics from our trip:

Yes, she even has burnt orange nail polish

Lulu and Pricey Ricey

Just playing around with the camera

Daddy teaching Ellery and Elin bad habits

In case you are wondering I AM planning on wearing maroon to the next game. I don't own a single piece of maroon clothing so hopefully I can find something. Orange is such a more flattering color.


Amanda said...

Sister, did you really just say that burnt orange is a more flattering color than maroon? You need some serious t.u. detox! :)

Kristyn said...

Your children have no hope for the AGGIE way! ;) Hope the aTm/t.u. game is not too embarrassing for us!!

Lindsay Wagner said...

LOVE the nail polish!!!

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