Monday, November 17, 2008

Cereals, Diapers, and Smiles

None of these things go together, but I couldn't think of a better title. My mom was asking for pictures so here are some randoms from the past week.

First, this is Ellery's breakfast of champions every morning. Do you think she might have a Gatewood gene? My dad taught me well how to mix my cereals. Many nights I would prefer to have a bowl of cereal instead of a "real" dinner. Ellery asks for all of these cereals in the morning and I mix them together in her small bowl. All of our cereals have animal names. For example in this pic, we have bunny cereal, Dora cereal (okay, not all of them have animal names..oops), penguin cereal, and bee cereal.

Diaper buddies! Size 6 and size 2 respectively. Although Ellery has used the potty several times and will at least sit on it at school, we are not rushing potty-training. Given her current poopy issues, there is no telling when she will be out of diapers! I think one of the reasons she does not like pooping (ugh, what a horrible topic to blog about) is the wiping afterwards. We give her a laxative everyday (doctors orders) so if you can only imagine, going 4-5 days between a "movement" results in a not-so-lovely clean up. I am thinking that I might buy a wipe warmer to help her out. I am totally against using them with babies (because who wants to have to carry around a warmer with them while they are out because their baby prefers warms wipes as opposed to cold ones), but I am thinking they might make the whole experience more pleasant for her.

And today I capured Price's smile on camera! Look at those delicious chubby cheeks too! Price is such a sweet, easy-going little guy.


cindy gatewood said...

Aww--thanks for making me
smile today!


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, I loved that blog! And look at that precious smile. Emery can so date him!!! I hope to catch a smile next time I see him:)

Amanda said...

Such cute pictures! I love that y'all mix your cereals. Also, I'm feelin you on the poopy issues. I don't know if Jackson is ever gonna get it!

jeanaelizabeth said...

ahh, Puffins. A favorite in our house. Great with bananas and blueberries.

Can't wait to meet Price next month!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

Price's smile is precious! Mason is already in a size 5 diaper and hides behind the curtain when he poops. It's funny to watch and my doctor said that I probably could start trying soon, but I'm going to wait until he starts talking more. There is no way I'm going to head down that path until after this baby is born.

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