Sunday, May 4, 2008

A sentimental Sunday

Today when I went to get Ellery from her nap, she was pointing to a picture of herself that I have framed in her bedroom. It is a picture from her 12 month photo shoot and she is sitting with three balloons and bawling. It was so hot the day we got her pictures taken and I think she was being attacked by mosquitoes so she was not the least bit happy. But the picture is actually so pitiful it is cute and so I framed it. Well, she was pointing to it and saying, "Ellery sad, Ellery crying." So I picked it up and showed it to her and she started pretending to cry like a baby, which is something she likes to mimic whenever she hears a baby crying. I thought she was pretending, but then tears just started streaming down her face. I tried to tell her that Ellery is happy now and then ended up having to take the picture out of her room. It was just so funny and sad and sweet all at the same time. Maybe she has a career in acting?

Then she wanted me to play the video I made for her daddy's birthday last year that is just pictures of her and the two of them together. We sat and watched it over and over this afternoon. Needless to say, it was a very sentimental afternoon. I started getting emotional just seeing all of her baby pictures and thinking about the fact that she will turn 2 in one month! And then I started thinking about how she won't be my baby once this little man gets here and that it will never again just be the three of us. How in the world can I love another the way I love her? Can we say pregnancy hormones in full force??

On another note, we had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday at a ranch near Brenham with our Sunday school class. The weather could not have been prettier and we couldn't have had a better time. Ellery was in heaven seeing all of the horses and cows, picking up rocks, and playing in the water. What a little cowgirl!

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the_wells said...

hey mama hormones.
no worries - apparently we will love our 2nd ones also has something to do with hormones, but i've definitely been having those same thoughts. our family will continue to grow, and i think that makes us appreciate these moments - although fleeting - that we have together these last few months.
i love that story of her crying. today adam pretended to cry b/c emma kate hit her head on his lip. she thought that she really hurt him, and then started to cry. it was oh so sad....glad that I didn't also chime in....

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