Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No, we sure don't

...have a name for our baby boy yet, that is. I think everyone thinks we are keeping it a big secret but believe me, if we did have one, I would let you know. So if you have any great ideas, we would love to hear them!

Ellery has a new cousin (or 2nd or 3rd, not sure how that works). My cousin Jeana had a baby girl on May 5th. Her name is Harper Lawrence Best. I cannot wait to see pictures and meet the new addition!! Congratulations Jeana and Josh!!


Lindsay Wagner said...

That is EXACTLY the question I have been wanting to ask you! :) Can't wait to hear what you guys decide on!!!

Jill said...

How about another "E" name? Like Evan or Elijah? Just a couple ideas! I'll post photos of Harper soon...I'm just waiting to give Jeana and Josh the chance to do it first!!!

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