Monday, October 8, 2007

A visit to Bebe and Pops

This past weekend we loaded up in the car and drove to Arlington to visit Bebe and Pops. It was great seeing their new home and Ellery just loved being there. She especially enjoyed being outdoors where she played in the dirt, waved to dogs, threw rocks, and tried to fit EVERY leaf through the cracks in the bridge near by. Why do we even buy toys??
Nathan and his dad went to the Texas vs. OU game on Saturday and painfully watched the Longhorns get beat by the Sooners. I have been to this game before and know just how painful it is for the losing team. Poor winners is all I have to say...I have never heard such mean language and hatred shown between two teams. So I was really hoping Colt would pull off a win for his team. Needless to say, everyone is in a much better mood at my household when Texas is victorious.
Our plan was to wake up on Sunday and take Ellery to the State Fair. However, about 10 minutes into our car ride she had passed out in her car seat and we saw rain clouds looming overhead. We decided that we would just go ahead and drive home and make her State Fair debut next year. I have to say I was a little bummed. I had decided that I would put my vegetarian ways aside for one day and buy a Fletcher's corny dog. I don't even really like corn dogs, but these things are incredible. Oh well, maybe next year!

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