Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And then there was 1...

It seems our house has been hit with the awful stomach bug. Ellery had it on Friday and then I came down with it on Sunday night. While Ellery is already back to her usual, energetic self, it is taking me a little longer to feel 100%. I can recall once in my entire childhood that I was sick with a stomach bug, and now as an adult I have been hit with it twice in 4 months!!
Nathan was so great to stay home yesterday with Ellery and "play mom". They went to Freebirds for lunch, the car wash, played with the fax machine (something I never let her do and for good reason, because now it doesn't work), and did other fun stuff that I am not aware of because I barely got out of bed all day. They did bring me home a get well gift - a huge balloon that says "For a Great Boss". It seems yesterday was Boss's Day and they found it fitting. Today as Nathan was leaving for work, Ellery was clinging to his leg saying "didi, didi". Why are dads so much more fun??

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